10 Top Nerdy Things To Do While In Lockdown

10 Top Nerdy Things To Do While In Lockdown

Lockdowns suck. But they’re something we’re going to have to get used to as “Covie” will be around for a while yet unfortunately. We say forget cooking, knitting, pickling, or any of that other Instagram crap. We’re nerds, and we thrive in the house! So just in case you’ve binged all of the good stuff on Netflix, we round up some fun, nerdy things we love to get up to during lockdowns. (Or even when you just feel like chilling out at home.)

Board Game Arena

“BGA” as it’s known to its members, is one of the best (probably the actual best) ways to play a huge selection of board games online. Play against your friends, or match make against the huge BGA community, and you’ll get those tabletop feels while isolated by yourself. The free version let’s you join all the games you want, while a super cheap sub fee allows you to start tables and other perks. Not sure where to start? Try a simple but addictive card game like Res Arcana. Think Magic, but shorter and not as complex. Or if yo want some classic boardgame action, jump into the something like Quantum. Play as a Fleet Commander and try to take control of the galaxy.


Magic: The Gathering Online

Still the undisputed king of fantasy card games, MTG is now online. And its dope as hell. Competitive, collectable, sometimes frustrating, always fun, the Online experience takes little away from the IRL version – except maybe those tactile cardboard feels. Free to start!


We can’t mention MTG without calling out Hearthstone. Created by Blizzard and featuring their trademark fantasy cartoony art, this is a simple to learn but hard to master online card game that you’ll find addictive as hell. Step into the tavern!


Watch a Virtual Con

Many Cons are taking a break during the pandemic, but are offering virtual counterparts instead. It’s well worth scanning your fave international convention websites and settling in for a fun night on the couch. Check out our guide to maxing out your virtual con experience!

Play classic arcade games on your PC (Legally!)

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, you’ll fondly remember the golden age of arcades. With a pocket full of change and a possible aversion to sunlight, generations of kids spent many a day under the neon lights, glued to classics like Mortal Kombat, Turtles In Time and Galaga.  Now it’s possible to relive those glory days with online, browser based versions of these games.  Make sure you familiarise yourself with the controls first, maximise the resolution screen size and go get some.


Mario Party with your home crew (or online)

If you own a Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Party is a must in your collection and is a guarantee of an epic night in with your family our housemates. Best played with 4 players, but bots will fill in if you have less, you can spend hours on this board game / arcade game hybrid. Things can get pretty competitive as you hunt around the board to get the most stars, but the mini games chill out the vibe with silly but balanced game play. Bring snacks!


Use the Random Game feature on Xbox Game Pass to play something new and random

So you need Xbox Game Pass for PC for this one, but this can be an excellent way to spend a night. Do you ever get a bit “meh” about your games? Just log in tot he Xbox app on your PC, go to Game Pass and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see a “Surprise Me” button! Click on this and it will suggest a game from the catalogue – even one you haven’t downloaded yet – for you to download and play. We’d recommend picking your random game before dinner, download the suggestion, and the settle in after your eats to a totally random game you may not otherwise have picked. Sometimes these random experiences are the best!

Subscribe to a fun home delivered loot crate

You’re here because you’re s superfan. Whether it’s comics , anime, video games, movies, whatevs. And whatevs you’re into, there’s going to be a cool loot box somewhere on the interwebs for you. These usually come monthly, delivered to your door, with neat surprises related to your fandom. Looking for a loot box is a nice night in – maybe over a glass of wine? –  but then keeps on giving year round as every month you get some cool new stuff to enjoy. Here’s a list of ideas to get you started:



Video Games:


Make some pop culture inspired food

Forget another night of mac n cheese, get your lazy butt into the kitchen, press gang your household members and make something delicious and unforgettable. Classic recipes from pop culture, movies and video games can be found online easily and will give you something fun to do in the evening, as well as a delicious repast! Don’t forget to Instagram it of course.


Play a Text Based Game

Ok, this might seem really old school, but it’s incredibly fun and relaxing.  Games like Zork and Torn can be fun, interactive and bring back those Choose Your Own Adventure feels. Text based games (including the Interactive Fiction genre) are easy to get into and can soak up hours.


So that wraps up 10 suggestions we have for living your best nerdy life while in lockdown. You can always surf the Legit Nerds website and spend a few hours fantasising about travelling and conventions, if that’s what you want to do….



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