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Legit Nerds is the brainchild of passionate nerds Mark West and Chris Doxey. Lucky enough to travel to global gaming events and comic cons for work for over 10 years, they wanted to create a travel company specifically for their fellow “nerds”.

Their vision was to create experiences to the world’s best fan events, and combine these with the best parts of group travel – community, new friendships and shared interests.

Sprinkle in behind-the-scenes access and exclusive extras, Legit Nerds is the best way to travel if you want to feel like a superfan. And with our dedication to amazing customer service, we’re the travel company you can trust.

We are gamers, movie & tv show fans, otaku’s, sci-fi buffs, fantasy heads, anime fanatics, cosplayers & comic book geeks. We do epic group tours to nerdy destinations around the world.

Why Legit Nerds

Exclusive Experiences
Exclusive ExperiencesExclusive Experiences

Like the time we went to an archery session with Arrow star Stephen Amell, or surprised one group with invites to Bethesda’s Reclamation Day Party at PAX Australia, we’re always on the hunt for superfan experiences. We work with publishers, convention organisers and local venues to get behind-the-scenes, early access, exclusive invites and other surprises for our groups.

Passion & Expertise
Exclusive ExperiencesPassion & Expertise

From our founders, to our customer service team, and especially our tour hosts - we’re all knowledgeable and passionate nerds! We come from various aspects of fandom, but we’re all experts in game conventions, comic cons, esports events and travel. That means we “get” you, and we work to make sure your itinerary is tailored to your interests.

Lifelong Friendships
Exclusive ExperiencesLifelong Friendships

Too many times we’ve seen fellow fans adrift at a convention, tiny drops in a giant bucket. We wanted to change that with Legit Nerds. We travel together in groups, with like-minded people sharing the experience together. That means you get to meet people just like you and you’ve got the very best company for your epic adventure. Like Shepard and Garrus or Marcus and Dom, co-op is way better than solo.

Value for Money
Exclusive ExperiencesValue for Money

Legit Nerds isn’t the cheapest way to travel to fan events, but with us you’re buying way more than a hotel room and con tickets. We carefully curate amazing experiences and negotiate best prices with local providers to offer all-inclusive packages. You’re also joined by our expert tour hosts to ensure you have a seamless, unforgettable holiday.

Responsible Travel
Exclusive ExperiencesResponsible Travel

The greatest challenge facing humanity isn’t alien invasion or the Infinity Gauntlet, it’s climate change. We recognise that tourism is a major contributor to global carbon emissions and waste. We reduce our impact on the environment by building trips that wherever possible favour public transport, trains over planes, and we only work with local destination partners that have demonstrated carbon reduction programs.

Epic Customer Service
Exclusive ExperiencesEpic Customer Service

For epic quests you need epic back up - and that’s where our customer service team comes in. We support you every step of the way - through planning, building your itinerary, booking, preparing for your trip and embarking on your mission. We have a global support team that’s there when you need us - the nerdy travel partners you can trust.


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