With iconic animal life, unique landscapes, and luxurious coastal cities, there’s already plenty of reasons to visit Australia. But for nerdy tourists there’s a different Australia in mind – the iconic post-apocalypse wasteland, home to barbaric raiders and souped-up death machines! From Fallout to Borderlands to Overwatch’s Junkertown, this uniquely Aussie setting has been at the forefront of pop culture since the original Mad Max trilogy.

These landmark films were shot against the backdrop of Australian towns and roads – dedicated fans can trace Max Rockatansky’s progress around the nation. Start in Melbourne, drive up through Geelong and Ballarat towards Broken Hill and Silverton, where a fantastic museum marks the site of Mad Max 2. Cutting back to South Australia will take you to the underground opal town of Coober Pedy, setting of Beyond Thunderdome and a fascinating destination in its own right.

Of course, Australia has cities scattered across the wasteland – and they have a lot to offer a visiting nerd! Check out the convention scene to sync your trip up with great shows like Supanova, Oz Comic Con and PAX Aus, with something available in any major city you visit. Australia’s passionate gaming and cosplay communities come together for these cons, which also feature anime premieres and live esports.

Gamers hungry for more esports after that MUST check out the big stadium events like the IEM Counterstrike Major or Melbourne Esports Open! And in between cheering on the pros, you can take a step into the future of gaming experiences at Zero Latency. This pioneering studio hosts full-immersion, free-roaming team VR scenarios – allowing you to frag your friends in VR gunfights or stand back to back against a zombie horde!

No matter what your favourite corner of geekdom is, a trip Down Under combines unique experiences with great Aussie hospitality. Roll the dice on the Lucky Country, and it’s sure to be a critical hit!

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