PAX AUS 2021 Tour Announcement

PAX AUS 2021 Tour Announcement

It’s Tour Announcement time!

We’re freakin’ excited to announce not one, but TWO Pax Australia tours for 2021. That’s because we want more people to be able to join us on one of our unforgettable holidays. We’ve got an option that’s budget friendly, but honestly still amazing, and we’ve got an option for the major fans that want that Legit Nerds VIP experience.

Before we delve into the details, we want to take you through a quick history of Legit Nerds and our PAX tours. Why you ask? Because we want to GLOAT that cons and good times are back after a horrendous pandemic year!

In 2017, Chris and Mark launched Legit Nerds and put together the very first ever PAX Australia travel package and tour. The boys were lucky enough to work in the games industry, and had enjoyed years of back stage access to the coolest pop culture events. They loved what they got to be a part of, but wanted to bring that sort of access and feeling to the wider public. They honestly weren’t sure that anyone would buy a ticket, but as soon as the tour went for sale, the very first Legit Nerds customers came together to form our first ever tour group. We were stoked! The 2018 tour group were surprised with tickets to an exclusive Bethesda party on arrival, got to meet Bajo for a private dinner and enjoyed 3 days of PAX in absolute style. Truly life long memories.

Fueled by the success of our inaugural tour, the 2019 tour was launched and we were humbled again to be joined by a group of amazing super fans just like us. This year we wanted to explore wider Melbourne, to really get a feel for the city while we were visiting. So we included exploration of cool gamer bars and nerdy venues, and formed really special memories at places like Ukiyo – something we committed to visiting again as soon as we could!

Then, a 2020 kick arse PAX tour was designed and Corona came along and messed with everybody’s plans! Things were pretty devastating for the events and travel industries at the time. But, we resolved to hang in there, support the local events industry and wait for things to ease.

And here we are in 2021! The most excellent people from PAX have announced the show is going ahead in October! And it looks great – at time of this article, 3 Day badges and Saturday passes have sold out.

So we are pumped to resume business, kicking off with TWO Pax Aus tours. Let’s go through each one in detail, explain the differences and share our plans.

Firstly, we have the PAX Experience Tour (we nickname it internally as the PAX to the MAX tour). This tour is a little more budget friendly, but still packs a massive punch in terms of the experience you’ll get to enjoy.

Home base for the weekend will the Crowne Plaza. It’s located straight across the bridge from the MCEC, an 11 minute walk. We picked this hotel specifically because of the walk – it takes you across the Yarra so that every day you can soak in the Melbourne vibes, but still turn up to the doors of PAX refreshed. We’ve got King rooms secured and waiting for your ultimate comfort. Downstairs in the restaurant will be breakfast every day – hot & cold buffet – and this is where the group will meet up for chats, making plans and sharing good times from the previous day.

The Crowne Plaza

As part of the package is a 3 Day Badge to the main event – PAX! You can’t even buy these anymore but we’ve got our allocation secured for the Legit Nerds fam. You’ll enjoy 3 days of PAX, and as this is Australia’s biggest pop culture event, you’ll need all 3 days!

Something that Chris and Mark are really mindful of is that at night, the industry all take off to their events and have plans, but often the average punter doesn’t have many cool options to do after dark. But not anymore thanks to Legit Nerds! Both nights of your stay you will have epic things to do! On Friday night we’ll be going to Zero Latency for free roam virtual reality. Zero Latency is really fun, one of the best VR experiences we’ve ever had. But it will be even more fun going with your group. We’ll get to team up together, and even face off against the cool challenges Zero Latency has. Then we’re heading to B.Lucky & Sons for drinks, games and dinner. We’ve got a fun challenge planned for a classic retro game, so be prepared for some laughs. After all that, we’re pretty sure you’ll be thoroughly exhausted,so we’ll Uber it back to the hotel for a well earned rest!

Zero Latency

On Saturday night, after another full day of PAX, we’ll be heading to Ukiyo (told you we’d be back!). Work with the group to solves the riddles Ukiyo presents you. Part escape room, part theatre, Ukiyo is one of Melbourne’s very best things. We’ll work up a hunger and head to Easey’s for dinner. We wanted to include a quintessential Melbourne culinary experience as part of the experience, and you don’t get better than this. We’ll be literally perched in a train carriage bizarrely looking down over Collingwood! View aside, Easey’s has some of the best burgers in the world, so it will be good times all round. Again, you’ll be exhausted but content after another epic day of PAX and evening out.

Day 3 rounds out the experience, with a gorgeous Sunday at PAX.

With accommodation, meals & drinks, PAX Badge and entry to some of Melbourne’s coolest attractions, we’re super proud of this package and we’d love to invite you to join us.

BUT before you make up your mind, let’s take you through the second tour – the PAX Ultimate Tour!

This tour is based on how we’ve done it before – ultimate luxury, comfort and convenience – with 5 days and 4 nights all packed with unforgettable experience.


Crown Metropol Infinity Pool – heated!

Starting with the hotel, we’ve locked in the amazing Crown Metropol. This luxury hotel is a short stroll from the MCEC (the venue for PAX). 95% of the walk to PAX is completely undercover (Chris has his precious hair to think about). Apart from the actual quality of the accommodation (hint: luxurious), the coolest part of staying at the Crown Metropol is that this is where all the guests, exhibitors and industry stay. There’s a real buzz about the place and you’ll be in the middle of the action. VIP!

And just a note for cosplayers – we’ve had cosplayers stay with us before on the PAX Aus tour at the Crown Metropol, and the convenience is unparalleled. A perfect place to prepare for the day, and arrive at PAX with your costume in pristine condition.

After a comfortable check in on the day before PAX starts, we’ll be meeting as a group for Welcome drinks (a Legit Nerds institution) at Storyville – an amazing pop culture themed bar in the downtown Melbourne. Get to know your new friends over cocktails and gourmet pizza to really get the extra long weekend going!

You’ll also be meeting up with the group for breakfast each day, the famous buffet just a few floors down from your room, and a few steps away from PAX.

Just like the Experience Tour, we have your 3 Day PAX Badges secured. Delivered to your hotel, you’ll feel like a VIP as you explore the show. Try not to get too tired though as we have epic after dark activities for you.

We’ll be joining the Experience and Ultimate groups into one super group, ready to party away at Zero Latency, B.Lucky, Ukiyo and Easey’s. Everything in included so you can just sit back and enjoy.

The inclusions are insane for this tour and we seriously suggest you check them out while weighing up with tour you’d like to join us on (we figure if you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance you be joining us!)

Rounding out both our tours is our amazing PAX Tour guide Alanna. A veteran of our previous tours, Alanna is passionate about PAX, Melbourne and ensuring you have an amazing time. You’ll be supported by Alanna as well as the Legit Nerds team leading up to and throughout the entire trip. Our goal is to make you feel like a part of the Legit Nerds fam, and have an incredible time every day during your stay with us.

So, hopefully that’s enough to whet your appetite! If you’d like to know more, you can always phone us (Australian customers 1300 110 235), email us ( or check out the full products – links below!

PAX Australia Ultimate Tour

PAX Australia Experience Tour




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