Melbourne Esports Open 2019 In Photos

In 2019 the Melbourne Esports Open followed up it's banger inaugural year with yet another epic show. Featuring elite level esports competition across multiple titles, visiting championship teams, stellar free play areas and amazing cosplay, MEO rocked the city of Melbourne.

We tasked our veteran and nerdy photographer Rory with one mission - to catch the fun and spirit of MEO with some killer photos.

And here they are for our Legit Nerds fam.

Competitive Fortnite!

Borderlands 3 was playable!

MEO wasn't just about camping in front of a screen - there was live action as well!

Racing simulators 🤤

Aussies love their esports. Where's the shoey?

It wouldn't be a gaming event without epic cosplay.

Plenty of mad booths at the Open - HP Omen gave gamers a chance to play on their gear.

Not sure what's going on here, but it looks fun!

Order Army is up in the Overwatch Contenders Finals.

We just love this prop.

All of the lights.

Virtual. Reality. Cricket. Please.

And to finish up, here's Legit Nerds Tour Manager Chris scouting the location for a potential future tour - stay tuned!

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