Our Top Things to Do During Melbourne International Games Week

Melbourne International Games Week is officially on! There’s a huge range of events for all kinds of people, whether you work in the games industry, you’re involved in education about games, or you’re just a gamer who loves to play. With so many cool things to do, we’ve put together this list of things we are excited for to help you decide which ones to plan for!

1. PAX Aus

Definitely the biggest event during Melbourne International Games Week, PAX Aus is a huge video and table-top gaming festival held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention centre. Every year, PAX Aus is a 3 day event jam packed with all the gaming experiences and events an avid gamer could ask for, ranging from panels and community events to parties and gatherings. Take a look on the PAX Aus website to see the schedule so you can plan your days out.

2. Misadventures in Little Lon Special Launch Event.

To celebrate the launch of ‘True Crime Mysteries: Misadventure In Little Lon’ they’ve organised an augmented reality game that lets you play through an exhilarating true crime story from Melbourne’s infamous red light district as you travel the city and uncover the mystery. The adventure spans over 12 heritage sites throughout Melbourne so it’s a fantastic way to explore the city while you game!

3. Playable City Melbourne Meeting

Have your say in the movement to make Melbourne a playable city. In their first town meeting at the Capitol Theatre, a keynote presentation will begin the event to give you an exclusive understanding of where this type of gameplay is going in the future. How can we make the whole city of Melbourne a playground for all gamers? That’s the question that’s up for discussion and here is your chance to have an input!

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