The Best Gamer Drinks & Food In Melbourne

The Best Gamer Drinks & Food In Melbourne

Picture this. You’re in Melbourne. It’s dark. maybe you’ve just watched a sick sci-fi movie. Maybe you’ve just stumbled out of a con. Either way, you have a hankering. For good food and drink. And you know what? You don’t want anything boring. You could go to a billion places if you wanted the usual. You’re a nerd. You love pop culture. And you’re not in any way f/cking apologetic about that. You want to find your people. You want to seek out the establishments that get you. You want creative, tasty food. Maybe you want to Insta it. Either way, we got your back.


Pixel Alley – King Of The Bubble Cups.

Located in trendy Fitzroy, Pixel Alley has some of the best themed cocktails and drinks you’ll. get.anywhere. But if you ask us, it’s the bubble cups that crown Pixel Alley. Just a quick look at their menu and you’ll see the incredible creativity and, dare we say it, artistry that goes into their drinks.

Let’s start with the Pacman’s Fix. Anchored by Wyborowa Vodka, you’ll be enjoying one of Poland’s finest Vodka’s. Superbly dry from a double distilled process, this is a super unobtrusive – but fun – start to your bubble cup. Next, Pixel Alley add in pineapple and lime, giving you tropical Pacman vibes. And to balance it all, this bubble cup is finished with delicious cherry – such a perfect concoction to enjoy while you’re hitting the bar’s many classic arcade machines.

Our next favorite on the list has to be the Sonic Boom. If there’s any doubt about which famous hedgehog inspires this bubble cup, the neon blue liqueur featuring in this drink puts that to rest. With delicious lychee vodka (if you like smooth vodkas, lychee is your drink), apple juice and lime – PUHlease put this on the agenda next time you’re around Fitzroy.

With other perfectly balanced and delicious bubble cups to try, like Kirby’s Dream and the Witch Hunter, Pixel Alley needs to be on your to-do’s, dudes.

BTW, Pixel Alley, if you’re reading this, please bring back your Raphael’s Punch cocktail – it was a banger!


Fortress Melbourne – Pub Food For Players

Ok, if you ever. And I mean ever. Ever hear about a Fantasy styled restaurant – you need open up your calendar, plan ahead, call your friends and get your butts there for an evening. Drink, eat and sit in your high chair like you’re Tyrion freaking Lannister. Fortress Melbourne makes pretty much every “must do” list in Melbourne, with its esports arena, tabletop gaming, video games, lan centre, and general con-every-night vibe. But forgetting all of that just for a moment, Fortress is also home to The Tavern, a fantasy style restaurant with themed pub fare. This is the place you want to go for a damn good feed. And if you’re fussy, or one of your mates are, there’s something here for everyone.

Let’s check out the menu:

Whether you call it Parma, Parmy, or even Chicken In Pajamas, this is hands down one of our favorite dishes in the Tavern. And the guys here call it The Champions Chicken Parma. A huge schnitty, topped with cheese, tomatoey gravy, ham and delicious basil that really cuts through the richness, this is for you when you’re hungry. And this may be weird, but what we really love is the crinkle cut chips. Buy a burger at Fortress, and get fries, but the Fortress chefs care enough about their food to pair a golden, fat, crinkle cut chip with your golden, fat hand crumbed chicken. All brought together in the delicious, gooey, leopard spotted goodness that we all know and love with our pub parmas, Fortress isn’t only famous for its esports.

Journeying further down the menu you’ll find a wide range of delicious snack foods to get your fingers sticky and your belly full. Dragons Wings are delicious paired with a cold beer, chili cheese fries are popular (for good reason) , and the Mac and Cheese Orbs are the perfect soul food for the proud nerd.

And vego’s – you’re looked after here to. There’s lots of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from, with our favorite The Magical Shroom Burger topping the list. Don’t get your hopes up too high though – the mushroom is magical, not magic (wink wink).

Rounded out by a solid selection of pizzas, salads, and fantasy themed spins on classic pub favorites, The Tavern is just another great reason to visit the epic Fortress Melbourne.


8bit – Vintage Burgers Themed After Vintage Games

Everyone loves a good burger, and Melbourne has plenty of good burger joints. But, the undisputed champion of the gamer inspired burger goes to 8bit, based in funky Footscray. And don’t be fooled by the theme – these burgers are top quality, delicious, and will leave you coming back for more like you’re popping another dollar into the Street Fighter 2 machine.

Speaking of arcade classics, our absolute fave on this menu has to be the After Burner. A beef burger with jalapenos, mustard and chipotle mayonnaise, this can get messy, but its spicy, moreish and worth every bite.

The Zelda is a vegie burger with the perfect name and an impressive chickpea, corn and quinoa patty. It’s really heartening to enjoy a well crafted vegie patty, when so many contemporaries are using fake meat patties on burgers now. 8bit holds on to the lost art and combines this stellar chickpea patty with cheese, beetroot relish (which is super sweet and delicious, just wish for a bit more) grilled haloumi, avocado, and a proprietary sauce.

With other burgers to try like the Golden Axe, Double Dragon and Altered Beat, this is a burger spot you can keep visiting and always have something different to try.Or you can be like myself, find a fave, you obsess over it.

Bonus tip – try their milkshakes!

So that rounds out some of the best gamer and pop culture themed food and drink experiences in Melbourne. We also want to give special mention to StoryVille and GGEZ, for those interested in side missions to explore even further. No matter what your taste, if you’re a nerdy foodie and you’re in Melbourne town, you have no excuse for a boring night out!



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