Toy Story Hotel announced for Tokyo Disney!

Toy Story Hotel announced for Tokyo Disney!

Tokyo is one of our favourite destinations at Legit Nerds – for many reasons – and now we have another reason to visit. Tokyo Disney Resort has just announced a Toy Story themed hotel!

Of course, this is number 2 for Disney, with Shanghai being home to the original. But just when you think Tokyo can’t get anymore insane, they go and do this.

Featuring an incredible lobby with oversized beloved Toy Story characters, and a board game roof, there are multiple shops and restaurants – including the Lotso Garden Cafe, named after the adorable (but cunning!) antagonist from Toy Story 3.

The typical Legit Nerds traveller is a bit older, but some of us will know those nostalgic feels for this Disney classic.

Want more info? Check out this excellent breakdown.

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