The United States has more to offer a traveling geek than almost any place on earth. From the great Hollywood studios, to the iconic fantasies of the Disney company, to the modern giants of the comics and video game industries – the American dream has long been exported to the world, and this is your chance to see and feel it in person!

You can get the most out of your American trip by planning it around one of the big cons. San Diego Comic-Con in July is the biggest geek-mecca on the planet, featuring movie stars, unique merchandise and massive panel sessions with your favourite creators. The various PAX conventions and E3 ensure that there’s a seismic video game event happening somewhere no matter when you decide to travel!

For fans of tabletop games and roleplaying, Gen Con Indy is the grandaddy of ‘em all. Founded by Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax in 1968, Gen Con today is a celebration of tabletop’s history, community, and future. And of course, an amazing place to play games, with celebrity Dungeon Masters and famous game designers running the tables.

Of course, if you want to see where the magic itself is made, you can go beyond the conventions and visit some of the US’s iconic studio parks! Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? Transformers stan? Check out Universal. Warner Bros shows off history from the golden age of Hollywood right through to the DC cinematic universe, and even TV favourites like Friends. Disneyworld is the ultimate something-for-everyone stop, worthy of a dedicated trip all its own.

As the birthplace of so much of nerd culture, the USA has something for every fan to get excited about. Don’t be surprised if you start planning your return trip halfway through your first one!

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